The Bastard Rain Cover Compact

A rain cover specially designed for your Bastard, thanks to Velcro an even better seal. Made of the highest quality PU Coating for UV protection and thanks to specially designed ventilation grilles, your Bastard will be ready for you every season.

The Bastard's rain cover ensures that your kamado is protected from wind and weather. However, due to the sealing effect of the rain cover in combination with possible condensation due to rising damp, there is a chance of mould forming in or on the kamado. In particular, this possible condensation can cause imprints, stains and/or mould on the bamboo parts of your The Bastard. Therefore, we recommend that you remove any side tables from your kamado before the kamado is covered (for long periods of time) by the rain cover. Make sure the kamado is thoroughly dry before putting the rain cover over it. The side tables are best stored in a dry place. We also recommend airing the kamado every now and then by removing the cover for a while when the weather is nice. This way, your The Bastard will stay beautiful for as long as possible!

€ 41,95
The Bastard Rain Cover Compact
The Bastard Rain Cover Compact

Specifications The Bastard Raincover Compact


- Color: Black
- Intended for the Bastard Compact or the Urban Compact
- Material: PU/TPU

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