Materials and maintenance


All our furniture is made from outdated scaffold boards. Before the boards are processed into furniture, they are first brushed and sanded in our sanding machine. For indoor use it is wise to clean the furniture after delivery with a brush and a soap of green soap. That way you get the rest of the dust out. Most furniture can remain outside untreated.

Maintenance wooden furniture

If you want to treat the furniture, we can provide the wood with a coating that makes the furniture water-repellent. This means that liquids do not pull directly into the wood when they make contact with the wood. This coating is very suitable for table tops. The spoiled moisture should be taken immediately. The appearance of the wood does not change due to this coating. If your furniture has been treated with the coating, it can not be treated later with a different kind of finish, stain, paint or oil.

Maintenance pillows

Sunbrella textile is so beautiful, so comfortable and so convenient that you no longer have to worry about your dining room, your living room or your outdoor space. Surprisingly easy to maintain: most stains are simply removed with mild soap and water. For stubborn stains you can use bleach without having to worry about damaging the fabric or color. So much sustainability in so many styles: Sunbrella has everything to love. One of the best ways to ensure that your Sunbella textiles look good and to postpone thorough maintenance or major cleaning is to maintain the fabric correctly. You do this by wiping off dirt and stains immediately before settling in the fabric.

General and light maintenance

  • Immediately wipe off dirt or stains with a soft brush or cloth.
  • Machine wash at 40 ° C or hand wash in this way:
  • Prepare a cleaning solution of 60 ml soft soap for 4 liters of lukewarm water (less than 40 ° C).
  • Clean with a soft brush and allow the solution to retract into the tissue.
  • Rinse thoroughly and then allow the fabric to wear in open air.
  • If necessary, adjust your iron to "synthetic fabric". DO NOT USE steam or steam iron.

Thorough cleaning for stubborn stains and fungi

  • Stof van Sunbrella is speciaal behandeld tegen schimmelvorming. Toch zou er schimmel kunnen groeien op vuil of andere vreemde substanties die op de stof blijven liggen.

This way you can remove fungus or other stubborn stains:

  • Prepare a solution of 240 ml of bleach and 60 ml of mild soap for 4 liters of clean water. Spray that solution on the fabric and allow it to retract into the tissue.
  • Scrub thoroughly with a soft brush, rinse thoroughly and allow the fabric to dry in open air.

Detachable Sunbrella cloth from sun protection or pillow cases you can wash in the machine at less than 40 ° C. Use - depending on the weight - the usual amount of mild detergent and add 240 ml of bleach if necessary. Let the fabric dry in open air. In case of stubborn stains or mold formation, you may add more bleach.


The textile after treatment for easier cleaning
Sunbrella fabrics were already given a special after-treatment to make them more water-repellent. This post-treatment ensures a long-term protection during normal use, but you can also renew the treatment yourself with 303 High Tech Fabric Guard ™, the recommended product for the post-treatment of Sunbrella textile.