The Bastard Ceramics Clean Set

The The Bastard Ceramics Clean cleaning set includes both The Bastard's Ceramics Cleaner 500 ml and Ceramics Wax Polish 500 ml. Also included with this set are a cloth and scouring pad.

After cleaning with the Ceramics Cleaner, it is advisable to apply a protective wax (Ceramics Wax Polish). So you actually always need both.
Be smart, buy them together in this handy set and you will immediately get the right cloth and scouring pad included!

€ 35,95
The Bastard Ceramics Clean Set
The Bastard Ceramics Clean Set

Instructions for use


Cleaner - Special cleaner to perfectly clean The Bastard ceramic outer shell and metal

parts perfectly. Apply with cloth or sponge, leave for 30 seconds and

and remove the dirt with a soft sponge. Then rinse the surface

with water. Then protect the surface with The Bastard Wax Polish.

Suitable for ceramics and metal


Protector - The ideal wax polish for The Bastard! First, clean the Bastard surface

thoroughly clean and make sure the surface is 100% dry and dust-free. Shake The Bastard Wax

Polish well and then apply thinly with a soft cloth. Rub well

rub and your Bastard is as new again with this extra protective wax.

Suitable for ceramics

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