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Bunk Bed Gables

This is a fun and cosy bed for two! The scaffold board bunk bed has unique head and foot ends, which give the bunk bed a unique look.

The Bunk Bed Gables will look great in any home!

Whatever you're looking for, the Bunk Bed Gables suits any interior style! After all, the Bunk Bed Gables can be easily customised by always attaching new decorations to the stepped gables or even by providing the bed with a completely new colour! Feel free to take a look at our kids page or just use Google for some inspiration!
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Bunk Bed Gables
Dutch Wood
Dutch Wood
Order the Bunk Bed Gables today! A fun and cosy bed for two!

DThis Bunk Bed Gables may look like any other scaffold board bunk bed, but it has a special touch! The head and foot ends are shaped like a stepped gable. Maybe you'll imagine yourself sleeping in a castle or you're already wondering how you can decorate the steps! This bed can be customised to anyone's liking.

Dimensions: 214 cm x 97 cm x 230 cm
Mattress size: 90 cm x 200 cm
VAT 21%

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6/22/2018 1:40:53 AM