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Wooden Warehouse Bunk Bed

Move to this fabulous street like the famous ones in Amsterdam! This Warehouse bunk bed can house up to two children.

bunk bed

Ideal if the kids are tired after a day of playing or working in the warehouse!
 » »Bunk Bed Warehouse
Bunk Bed Warehouse
Dutch Wood
Dutch Wood
Live on your own in this fabulous warehouse. Alone or with your brother or sister, because this is not just any normal bed... no it's a bunk bed.
The steps on the right (as shown in the photograph) can also be positioned on the left.
You can decide which side during assembly. Want a rhombus, star or heart cut out in the door? It's all possible!
For the safety of young children, it is possible to attach an additional plank to the side of the top bed. (see last photograph)
The front has a total height of 220 cm. Without additional plank, the side is 130 cm high. With plank 150 cm. The Warehouse bunk bed includes a simple slatted frame.
VAT 21%
Main attribute group
220*110*200cm(200x90 cm matrasmaat)
Main attribute group

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