The Bastard Iron Half Moon Griddle Large

Bastard Half Moon Griddle is a very handy grill plate. One side can be used as a flat grill plate, while the other side is ribbed so it can be used for marinated meat or steak so the moisture can drip away.
The half-moon is ideal if you plan to work in two zones. Made of high-quality cast iron.

If you want to get the most out of your Bastard, use this cast iron grill plate. Cast iron provides more even heat than stainless steel, making it ideal for grilling. This also makes it easier to conjure up the perfect grill marks on grilled food.

To make sure your grill plate stays in top condition, you can use Cast Iron Care Spray from the Bastard. This spray ensures that the cast iron remains well maintained!

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The Bastard Iron Half Moon Griddle Large
The Bastard Iron Half Moon Griddle Large
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